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LinkUp is the global leader in delivering accurate, real-time, and predictive job market data to the capital markets and corporations.

LinkUp combines more than 20 years of experience in human capital management and employment data with proprietary technology that indexes millions of job listings daily directly from employer websites around the world. From this unique jobs dataset, LinkUp provides our clients with valuable, actionable insights into the global labor market at a macro, industry, geographic, and individual company level.

Quality: Data Straight from the Source

LinkUp sources data directly from employer websites and updates it daily, eliminating job board noise and pollution like duplicate and expired listings. We don’t just provide more data, we provide higher quality data and the analytics our clients need to make it actionable.

Coverage: Global Jobs Data Nowcasted

LinkUp’s real-time data is sourced daily from more than 230 million job listings representing 60,000 companies in 195 countries, and has been collected continuously since 2007. We offer the most comprehensive and highest quality employment data available, representing every industry and job type. LinkUp data provides highly correlated indications of major Bureau of Labor Statistics employment metrics on a more timely, nowcasted basis.

Predictive: Actionable Data that Drives Results

Because a job listing typically indicates an eventual new hire, our data is predictive of job growth in the future. Those predictive attributes can be leveraged to more effectively forecast macro, sector, and individual company trends.

Historical and predictive job market data

LinkUp is empowering people with knowledge obtained from the largest, highest quality database of global job listings. LinkUp’s dataset can be used to assess labor demand, align training and education, understand human capital trends, and predict job growth.

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